We are dealer of SHIPSONIC. Learn more on how to prevent algae build-up on your ship’s hull with the ultra sonic transducer of SHIPSONIC.

SHIPSONIC Algae killer for yachts

The SHIPSONIC is specially designed to prevent algae build-up under the boat’s waterline, there by preventing growth on the ship’s hull.

The SHIPSONIC produces an ultra-sonic wave pattern, which travels through polyester, metal and water and prevent the build-up of algae on the ship’s hull.

The SHIPSONIC consists of an electrically powered 240 AC Volt electronic control box and a transducer, which is connected via a three-core 10-meter cable.

The transducer is either placed in the water under the ship’s mooring or installed inside the ship’s bilge in a holder, which is glued to the ship’s hull. A hole in the hull is therefore not necessary!

When the control box is powered up a control light on the box starts flickering and the transducer will produce a slight ticking sound (once every second). The ultra sonic wave pattern then produced will prevent algae growth within the direct vicinity of the ship’s hull and therefore also will prevent barnacles and other calcareous attackers to settle down. During the mooring period a slight slime film might build up, which will be removed by the speed of the boat through the water once under way. The underwater ship will stay clean which will reduce the drag of the ship through the water, no loss of speed, will increase the efficiency of fuel consumption and cleaning time and costs when coming out of the water for maintenance.
Furthermore when the boat has a paddle wheel log our experience with the SHIPSONIC has proven that the paddle wheel does not have to be removed for regular cleaning.


The SHIPSONIC is available in two sizes

    Coverage in water placement under ship up to 10 meters, installed inside the hull up to 15 meter waterline length.
    Coverage in water placement under ship up to 20 meters, installed inside the hull up to 30 meter waterline length.




Power requirement

220-240 Volt AC
110-130 Volt AC available at request




According CE norm and U.S.E.P.A. registered

Control Box

Made from Polycarbonate UV resistant


2 Years with serial number supplied on packing

User Guarantee

3 Months after invoice date when not satisfied with working of the SHIPSONIC. Full repayment of purchase price less shipping costs.



For full effectiveness of the Shipsonic electrical power needs to be supplied continuously when the ship is on the mooring.


For more on SHIPSONIC algae killer, other SHIPSONIC products and ordering info, go to: SHIPSONIC.COM

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